Man eating in the car wearing a classic bib over his suit.

Our First Post.

I am not sure where to begin. I guess an introduction is in order.  Bibs have been a by-product of a number of different ventures that I have tried over the years. They have been steady sellers to a small faithful market. They were the little engine that could, with their small but steady influx of sales, they kept going. No matter how much I ignored them (unintentionally of course), no matter how much they were pushed into the dark background, their small reliable stream of sales kept taking its place each year in my tax return.

One day, I looked over at a pile of them, quietly sitting, waiting for packaging and something happened, a twinge, I think, a twinge of regret. It was similar to the twinge you get when you walk past the plants that you haven't watered but know you should. You feel bad, but you know there's no time, but you still feel bad even more so as you walk by onward to other things. 

Thoughout that day, I continually thought about the Bibs and had to admit, Bibs have been faithful. No matter what road I have taken, what venture was getting my attention, there they were, quietly taking their place, providing a small revenue stream. It finally got to me. It was their turn. So I am giving them a place, a home of their own, a place to shine. They deserve it. 

So here is the first post in the Journal on their very own website, devoted just to them. They will shine here and finally receive the attention they deserve. They have their very own devoted website, their very own business name and logo, their very own email address, packaging, photography.....oh..... sigh... does this also mean they need their very own FB page?

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